Ron Copsey

Integrative Counsellor - BA {Hons}  MBACP  
(Essex & surroundings areas)
Registered - British Association for Counselling &  Psychotherapy
Clinical Supervisor.
Tel: 07983 580660

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{In last two years}

"I would like to convey my immeasurable gratitude to Ron for his kindness and understanding, not forgetting his professionalism, in helping me in such a dark moment in my life.  Things are very well with me now and even when those tough moments occur, I'm able to use Ron's advice and wisdom to help get me through!

Recently, I discovered a friend was suffering from depression and I know that with only a fraction of the compassion and knowledge that I gained from Ron, will hopefully help me to help my friend through his difficult times.

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet Ron and I can only admire, but hopefully attempt to emulate, his devotion to helping others."

"Working with Ron was tremendously helpful and reassuring. I could tell him absolutely anything (my deepest darkest secrets) and nothing seemed to shock him or phase him. On the contrary, I felt supported, understood and cared for. There was no judgement at all. A rare gift!"

"I went to see Ron at probably the worst time of my life when suicide seemed like the only way out.  He helped me through a terrible crisis with great tenderness and skill. It cannot have been easy at times to have a full grown, 6ft 4" guy, blubbering all over the place. Ron helped me through the problems, which were very complex, and helped me find a way forward. I learned that anybody can change - albeit with help - and find new and better way to live."

"I'd never had counselling or any other psychological help before seeing Ron and to be honest, I was a bit scared of what might happen. I feared that opening the can of worms might reveal me as a nasty horrible person but with Ron's guidance and nurturing, I actually discovered that I'm a very nice person.  I cannot say I love myself today, but I certainly like myself more than I've ever done. I feel emotionally stronger, can express myself more clearly and have a deeper understanding of who I am and how I tick.! Thanks Ron."

"Without doubt, I feel that without therapy my marriage would have dissolved. Counselling sessions with Ron helped save my marriage and improved my relationships with many other people in life. It also prevented me from making some pretty foolhardy decisions and gave me time to sort out my head and my heart and prevented me from behaving irrationally and impetuously. 

Therapy helped me grow up and take proper responsibility for my life.  A major difference in me now is that I can make decisions with confidence and trust in my abilities for once in my life.

As a counsellor, Ron is insightful, perceptive and a very warm and kind person. He is passionate about his work and that comes across in working with him. It' a pleasure to offer him this testimonial and recommend him. If I needed therapy again Ron would be top of my list."